Young Siblings Write a Viral Corrido About Cruel US Immigration Laws

Lead Photo: Photo by Jeremy Woodhouse / Blend Images
Photo by Jeremy Woodhouse / Blend Images
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Deportations hurt families, and the very young musicians of Los Luzeros de Rioverde want to remind you of that. Pre-teen siblings Ailyn, Ricardo, and Yaxeni recently visited Telemundo studios in Miami to send a powerful message with their new song, “Si me deportan.”

In the song, the norteño group sings from the point of view of undocumented immigrants who know that one day they might be deported to their homelands. They question what that means for their US-born children who know nothing else than this country. And though they know they can bounce back, they’re being categorized as criminals for simply looking for better opportunities (“nuestro delito es andar aquí en el norte sin pasaporte para poder trabajar”). 

Not yet teenagers, Ailyn, Ricardo (who plays the bajo quinto), and Yaxeni (who plays the accordion) are already seasoned musicians. They established the group in 2014, and the youngest, Ailyn, recently became a member. It’s not the first time they use their music to denounce immigration laws. Their parents are both from Mexico – their father is from San Luis Potosí and their mother from Tamaulipas – and they feel passionate about this issue.

“We come from parents who were undocumented,” Yaxeni told Univision in 2016. “We don’t want deportations to happen; we don’t want deportations to separate families.”

So far the new video has racked up more than a million views on El Tubero de los Artistas and 41,000 views on the group’s Facebook page. Check it out below.


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Posted by Yaxeni Y Ricardo Los Luzeros De Rioverde on Sunday, August 5, 2018