Essential workers across the world need us more than ever. They’re putting themselves in danger, every day, to take care of us and offer us safety—whether that be directly or indirectly. Mexico is stepping up and offering shelter for healthcare workers,  specifically.

As healthcare workers become increasingly fearful of infecting their family members and also face harassment for their courageous work,  Mexico’s presidential staff has decided to offer shelter to medical professionals that work across three hospitals in Mexico City. Those hospitals are “La Raza, Siglo 21, and the general hospital of the Tlatelolco area,” according to En24 News.

They will transform Mexico’s cultural center and former presidential residence, Los Pinos, into four residencies for those on the frontline fighting COVID-19. Zoé Robledo, director of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) said they will offer shelter, food, transportation, laundry service, cleaning and access to wifi as well as disinfected common spaces.

Fifty-eight doctors and nurses arrived on Monday (May 4).

The decision came after a survey that the IMSS conducted.

“According to a poll, 86% of IMSS workers said they were interested in staying at Los Pinos during the public health emergency for security reasons, commute times, ad to prevent contagions in their families,” reports El Universal.

They initially considered setting up a hospital at the complex, Robledo explained, but quickly realized they weren’t properly set up to do so.

They plan to house up to 100 healthcare workers throughout three weeks. Hopefully, those who are risking their lives to help others in the city will find a little solace and rest there amid this pandemic.