This 15-Year-Old Girl Becomes First to Take Her Quince Photos in Mexico’s Presidential Residence

Lead Photo: Photo by Jupiterimages / Stockbyte
Photo by Jupiterimages / Stockbyte
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Since 1934, Los Pinos has housed Mexico’s president. The opulent home, located in Bosque de Chapultepec in Mexico City, includes gardens, fountains, and lakes. And this weekend, incoming President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that he won’t live in the stately home. Instead, he said, Los Pinos would serve as an art and culture space, and it seems people are already taking advantage of the house being opened up to the public. Over the weekend, a young woman named Lucero decided to head inside to take photos for her quinces.

In a short interview with BuzzFeed’s Gustavo Serrano, the teen said she was nearby and decided to enter to take her photos. Accompanied by her chambelanes, the young woman – dressed in a red gown – said that being able to take pictures at Los Pinos was “super cool” and “super padre.”

She’s the first to take her quince photos here, but we doubt she’ll be the last.