Dos Policías: Los Punsetes' Effed Up Cartoon

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Los Punsetes is a female-fronted indie pop band from Madrid.  Their sound is a nice mix of Pixies dirty guitar, Sleater-Kinney humdrum molodies, and scratchy, monotone lyrics like retro riot girl groups Bikini Kill and Team Dresch.

This Punsetes music video “Dos Policías” from their first album is a seemingly adorable, Atari-esque video game of police officers and bunny rabbits. But if you watch the full video you’ll see it’s far from innocent fun. The bunnies are caught drinking beer in the streets and are beaten till bludgeoned and have to be rushed to the hospital! Morbid.

The rest of the video will either make you laugh from the outrageous projectile vomiting and public peeing or completely offend you. I don’t know. But I think witnessing video game characters spurting pixelated blood and urine is actually kinda cute.

These silly Spanish kids will be in NYC in July for the 2010 Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC). See below for dates and stay tuned for a FREE download and new Punsetes video.

U.S. Tour Dates

Jul 7 2010 @LAMC Indie Showcase New York, US

Jul 8 2010 @LAMC Acoustic Showcase New York, US

Jul 9 2010 @Pianos New York, US