After Going Viral, Family Behind Los XV de Rubí Is Getting Inundated With Crazy Offers

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It all started with one video. When Rubí Ibarra García, her dad, and her mom filmed a short video inviting her family and friends to her quinceañera, the internet responded in the most internet way: It made an inconspicuous party in San Luis Potosí into Los XV de Rubí, the biggest event of the year. After more than one million RSVPed to the quinces, Rubí and her family have become celebrities. And they’re fully reveling in their moment in the spotlight. This week, Rubí made the rounds on different Mexican talk shows. Apparently, they’re vying to see which one can give her the most memorable gift.

On Tuesday, she headed to TV Azteca’s Las Tardes con la Bigorra, where they threw her a quinceañera. She stood in a fluffy pink dress as she danced to “Tiempo de Vals” with her dad. A balloon arch decorated the set. Raquel Bigorra interrupted them mid-dance so that Rubí could freak out as some celebrities told her they’d plan to make it to her party on December 26. The show then paraded four men out, so that Rubí could pick her chambelan de honor. It got real weird, really quickly.

The next day, Rubí found herself on Hoy. There, she got another party – a much more modest one. But Televisa tried to welcome her into the family, but it was too much too soon for the teenager. Over the course of at least an hour, Rubí spoke to more celebrities. She also learned that Eugenio Cobo wanted her to audition for the Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa – which is known for churning out the actors who end up on the network’s novelas. Then, Miguel Ángel Herros called in and offered her a part on La Rosa de Guadalupe – the Mexican anthology that’s now about 900 stories deep.

“After being in CEA, the first thing we’d have to ask you is to join us for an episode of La Rosa de Guadalupe,” Herros said. Rubí cracked a smile. But she honestly told Hoy’s hosts that she doesn’t know if she could go through with it. Her dad eventually weighed in – possibly sensing that some might get the wrong idea and think his daughter was unappreciative – and said that she’s excited but overwhelmed.

Going on these shows might mean that the Los XV de Rubí’s time as an internet meme has run it’s course. But at least, she’ll always have Gael:

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