Louis CK surprises more people with his Mexicanidad

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Thanks to Latino Rebels for this tip – it’s not new, but it remains awesome, so we’re sharing it. Sue us.

We knew that hilariously inappropriate comedian Louis CK was Mexican – of European extraction, of course – but most people still, somehow, seem to have avoided this information. I’ve been trying to find an excuse to post about it for ages, so here it is. It’s not like he doesn’t talk about it or tries to keep it secret – he’s openly discussed it on Jay Leno and other talk show appearances. Nonetheless, here’s a bunch of radio hosts being kind of ignorant and racist and talking about Louis CK’s background – the comedian is classy and awesome about it.

“You look so white,” they say.”At what point did you go, ‘I am now a white guy.’”

“White is a bullshit identity,” he responds. “The thing is, I was white in Mexico. People don’t understand this. Mexico is just like America: it’s made up of some black people, some white people, and some brown people. The only difference is they didn’t genocide their Indians as well as we did.”

Yep. Classy.