This 1-Year-Old Had a Lowrider-Themed Birthday Party

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of SD
Photo courtesy of SD
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Silas Cash C recently turned 1, and he did it lowrider style. Recently his mom, who goes by @whoissd on Twitter and asked to be identified as SD, took to social media to post images of the toddler’s birthday party. In it, he’s “cruising” in an orange lowrider; behind him, there are balloons and a sign that reads “ONE” decorating the area. Since posting it on Twitter, the message has received more than 22,000 retweets and 136,000 likes.

Silas is already fascinated with lowriders because of his dad. “[My son’s dad] started restoring two cars to continue a bond that he had shared with his own father throughout his childhood and it’s now something that the has introduced to our son. The lowrider culture represents family, unity and respect to us. It really is a beautiful thing.” SD tells Remezcla in an email. “We originally about getting Silas his own lowrider because of the immediate attraction he has to his dad’s Impala. With enough searching we were able to find someone who custom makes remote-controlled pedal cars, and we were sold… Silas and his dad have matching orange ’63 Impalas with the same candy paint hard tops to match.”

On top of having friends and family attend the event, the local lowrider club that his dad is a part of also came with their cars. And the fun party theme, which allowed Silas to roll up in the Impala and have a grand entrance, impressed many. “We have had nothing but positive feedback about the originality and creativity of the theme we decided to go with,” SD says. “Many of them have never seen anything like it before.”

Check out a few images below.