Lucia Pizzani

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Rivington Street has been progressively growing to be the heart of the emerging cutting edge and ’cool’ kids of New York’s art world. Among the population of galleries is Rivington Bar & Art Gallery, which is currently offering us one of the most down-to-earth and refreshing bodies of work to be found on this street’s ’art mile. Recent Works by Venezuelan born artist Lucia Pizzani, offers us abstract windows into forms and shapes created in nature by time; it being a concise selection of the artist’s work made between 2002 and 2004, featuring images taken on the beaches of Venezuela, the Coasts of Miami and East Hampton.

Pizzani’s lens closes in into the subjects, creating abstraction within nature. These images are of unrecognizable origin to the naked eye, and at first glance, also manage to become harmonic compositions of patterns enhanced by slight distortions. Pizzaniís abstractions donít create confusion, nor the necessity of realizing their exact source, but rather give a sense of awe and understanding of the color, textures and patterns to which we are exposed. This selection of works is transparent and simple, but at the same time the beauty of her images promote awareness towards the uniqueness of each natural element.

The work created by Pizzani breaks the cliché of landscape and nature photography, providing images that are aesthetically fresh and innovative, which impose themselves on the viewer, and encourage us to re-consider the way in which we see and interact with nature.

Lucia Pizzani’s Recent Works will be on view at Rivington Bar & Art Gallery until October 14th, 2004.