Lux Pascal Stuns on Magazine Cover & Celebrates Year Since Transition

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Lux Pascal Instagram
Courtesy of Lux Pascal Instagram
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It’s been a year since we were introduced to Lux Pascal. The trans actress, model, and activist went public about her transition in Ya Revista, a weekly magazine published by El Mercurio, the national newspaper in Chile. The magazine once again featured Lux to celebrate one year of the actress’s public transition.

Lux Pascal looks stunning in the photos and her interview is an intimate look into her transition. The actress, known for her roles in Los 80 y La Jauría, opened up about her transition and what has happened over the last year since living her truth publicly.

She used an analogy from her favorite card game as a child, Myth and Legends. She talked about what it’s like to be forced to play with a deck of cards assembled by someone else. It wasn’t until she started playing with her own cards that she felt like she was finally being her authentic, best self.

“Finally,” Lux recalls, “I dared to participate in this game with my cards, as the person that I am.”

Pedro Pascal was a proud brother when Lux first came out publicly as transgender and he is a proud brother now. Calling his sister a “cover girl,” Pedro shared a post to Instagram with the Ya Revista cover like he did when she came out.

Fans have flooded the comment section of his post with praise and love for Lux. The actress responded in the comments saying, “Love you peeps.”

Felicidades, Lux. Your bravery is so important in this world.