Macy's Flower Show is Brazil themed; no Brazilian designers involved

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Macy’s 2012 Flower Show runs from March 25-April 7th this year in three of Remezcla’s cities – New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.  This year’s theme is Brasil: Gardens in Paradise.

Bursting with color, excitement and energy, our Flower Show is like taking a walk through Brasil itself! Experience the vast, lush wonders of the Amazon rainforest as you walk by towering palms, tropical plants and exotic birds. Explore ponds abundant with exotic plant life, walk down secret pathways and stumble upon a hidden rushing waterfall. Be transported to the cities of Brasil through colorful, vibrant gardens that adorn both mid-century mission-style villages and modern-day inner city neighborhoods, plus take in a striking view of Sao Paolo, Brasil’s largest city, from a rooftop garden oasis. Discover the starkly modern architecture of Oscar Niemeyer’s Brasilia, and be swept away by the curvaceous gardens and swirling mosaic walkways of Roberto Burle Marx.

After you leave Gardens in Paradise, be sure to visit the Carnaval celebration in the Flower Show windows across from the tent! Then, head around the corner to the windows on 34th Street, where you’ll find Macy’s Bouquet of the Day, a series of unique floral presentations by some of New York’s most celebrated designers.

First off, I can’t say I’m too comfortable with turning Brazilian “modern-day inner city neighborhoods” into the model for chic floral design/simulated tourist attraction – the brutal conditions in Brazil’s favelas is well known – but it also seems problematic to me, if you care to visit the site and check out the lineup, that none of the designers being used in any of the program’s five cities are Brazilian. Oh well – I’m sure the flowers are still super pretty.

The New York event is being held in Macy’s Herald Square, the Chicago event will be in the Macy’s on State Street, the SF event will be in the Macy’s in Union Square. The other two cities are Philadelphia and Minneapolis, if you care.