This Argentine Nurse Went Wildly Viral After She Denounced Those Who Called Her a “Limpiaculos”

Lead Photo: Photo by Flying Colours Ltd / DigitalVision
Photo by Flying Colours Ltd / DigitalVision
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It’s an unfortunate fact of life that some look down on others who hold certain jobs. One Argentine woman, who works as a nurse, grew tired of people dismissively calling her a “limpiaculos” when she decided to draft a Facebook message. In the post, which has now received more than 500,000 reactions, Magali Helman shuts down everyone who has ever spoken about her job derisively.

“Today I once again heard, ‘trabajas limpiando culos,’ and it’s not the first, nor eighth time that I hear this,” the message begins. “I feel the need to claim my job and shout to the world how proud I am of it. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, orgullosa de limpiar culos, cut nails, wash hair, dress, bathe, feed, and take care of people … who cannot do it for themselves and need help.”

Magali continues by explaining that she’s fed up with the negative connotations that come with the job and reminds people that she’s doing good and honest work. Her job doesn’t require she lie or cheat like other careers that are more highly valued in society.

In the end, the young woman reminds us that the service she provides is something everyone might need one day and that if and when that day comes, they’ll be grateful to have someone like her.

Check out the entire message below.