Mexican Man Attempts Suicide by Jumping From Second Floor, Tuiter Has No Chill

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The subject of suicide is not a laughing matter, but in Mexico, one man’s bizarre suicide attempt has given the Internet plenty of ammunition for jokes. Standing on top of a two-floor Tamaulipas building with a machete and a rock, Jesús “Don Chuy” Garza threatened to hurt himself as the military, dozens of citizens and other officials looked on.

“I only want to see my daughter, but also bring me a beer and the soldiers, please,” said Don Chuy, according to El Universal.

Someone was able to take the machete away from Don Chuy, as others yelled “don’t jump, Don Chuy” and “¡Tranquilo!” Though a soldier tried to persuade him not to jump, Don Chuy eventually jumped. Medical professionals attended to him immediately, and reported that he was in stable condition.

The incident was recorded and widely shared on the Internet, and because of his gliding squirrel-like form, Don Chuy has been compared to Juan Escutia, the Niño Héroe who wrapped the Mexcian flag around his body and threw himself in front of the Chapultepec Castle to keep it from being invaded.

And the comparisons didn’t stop there. Check out what else Twitter came up with below: