Manu Chao’s new video!

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Remezcla pal Mariel just sent this youtube link my way, which was just what I needed on a slow, boring afternoon at the office… Thought you all might appreciate it too.

Manu’s new EP (Raining in Paradize, which this track, of the same name, is from) is now available digitally.  4 songs, typical Manu…  Nothing too new, but the video’s fun, with animation by Wozniak (who illustrated the childrens book Manu wrote, as well as his all-French kids CD Siberie M’etait Conteee)

But wait, he’s also got La Radiolina coming out in September…. lotsa Manu news!  (NOTE: my dad actually told me about that, but told me the new album sounded like techno… so he’s KINDA enterado, but not quite… jeje).