Marcos Makes a Rare Appearance

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Mexico’s Subcomandante Marcos came out of the woodwork recently at a four-day conference held in Chiapas called the Festival of Dignified Rage, which marked the 15th anniversary of his Zapatista National Liberation Army rebellion.

Wearing his signature ski mask, Marcos addressed Mexico’s war on drugs, the bloodshed in Gaza, and the perceived shortcomings of President-elect Barack Obama.

Subcomandante Marcos criticized Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s decision to send more than 40,000 army troops into several Mexican states to battle drug traffickers. The action, he noted, had failed to stop the bloodshed while inflaming the crisis because of allegations of human rights abuses by soldiers.

Marcos also said Americans who voted for Obama in hopes of major change in U.S. foreign policy would probably be disappointed; he cited the fact that Obama has not condemned Israel’s attack on Gaza as evidence.