As Mexican Court Opens Path Toward Marijuana Legalization, Politician Invites People to Smoke Weed

Lead Photo: Photo by MmeEmil / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by MmeEmil / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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Mexico hasn’t made marijuana legal, but with a recent court ruling, it did open the path toward legalization. And one congresswoman already has an idea of how she’ll celebrate if and when the day comes.

On October 31, Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that by prohibiting recreational marijuana, the country has gone against the constitution. It “found that adults have a fundamental right to personal development, which lets them decide their recreational activities without interference from the state.” It’s significant because this is the fifth time the court has reached a similar decision, meaning that it has a precedent for all of the country’s courts. “With the existence of five precedents in the same vein on the subject, the judgment will be mandatory for all courts in the country,” the Supreme Court noted, according to Rolling Stone.

It doesn’t mean marijuana is legal in the Latin American country, but as Mexico United Against Crime states, it has “open[ed] the door to regulation of cannabis.” And it looks like that’s enough for Nayeli Salvatori, a member of Movimiento Regeneración Nacional, to make some plans for the future. “When marijuana is legalized, you’re all invited to smoke and listen to The Doors at my house,” she tweeted. “Who’s down?”

Though many supported her message, she received enough backlash that two days later, she told people to calm down.