Marvel Is Rumored to Be Canceling ‘America,’ Its First Mainstream Queer Latina Superhero Series

Lead Photo: Photo by deberarr/iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by deberarr/iStock / Getty Images Plus
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If Marvel’s March schedule is any indication, then the company will be cutting some of its most diverse characters. After the comic book publisher released its lineup for March, many realized some titles were noticeably absent, including America. The cancellation of the series – which follows the story of America Chavez, aka Miss America – is not yet official, but if it is, Marvel will be letting go one of its few LGBTQ characters and its only queer female protagonist. Writer Gabby Rivera transformed America – whose backstory was underdeveloped until recently – from just an interdimensional being to one who identifies as Latina.

io9 hypothesizes that if America is canceled it’s because of a lack of promotion, which would have ultimately hurt sales. As we wait for official word on the future of the series, which debuted in March 2017, here are some tweets that demonstrate what America meant to readers: