Marvel Takes Spider-Man to Cuba, But Illustrates the Wrong Flag

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After 2015 brought more than 3.5 million tourists – including Usher, Francis Ford Coppola, and Anthony Bourdain – to Cuba, even fictional characters are getting in on the action. In Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man 1.2, Peter Parker heads to Cuba in a private plane, according to Bleeding Cool.

However, the comic starts off on the wrong foot. In the first panel, Spider-Man is definitely looking at a Puerto Rican flag. (The writer of this comic is Puerto Rican-born Jose Molina, so we’re not really sure how this happened.)

It’s an unfortunate slip up, because the comic does its best to portray the realities that Cubans continue to face despite the country’s renewed relations with the United States. Spider-Man gets schooled on everything from the health care system to freedom of speech – things that often get overshadowed by stories about Cuba’s tourism potential.

Check out some of the comic, which is out now, below:

(H/T Bleeding Cool)