Mauricio Macri’s Presidential Victory In Argentina is Captured on Snapchat

Lead Photo: Sandra Hernández-gv/GCBA
Sandra Hernández-gv/GCBA
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On Sunday, Mauricio Macri was elected Argentina’s president in the country’s first run-off election. This marks the end of the Kirchner era, a 12-year period where President Cristina Fernandez and her late husband, Néstor Kirchner, ruled Argentina, according to the Chicago Tribune. His competitor, Daniel Scioli, was expected to win with 10 or more points at one point last month, but he conceded on Sunday night. Macri won 51.4 percent of the vote, and Scioli received 48.6 percent.

Macri constantly said on the campaign trail that he would listen more and speak less, and when he won, he said that it was the “change of an era.” Macri will have to deal with the stalled economy, as well pushing Venezuela out of the Mecrosur trade bloc. Today, Macri held a press conference to ask people to be patient about changes.

“We have to get the country up and running again and fix the things that need fixed,” Macri said, according to the Wall Street Journal said. “The currency controls we have were a mistake, we don’t have access to trustworthy statistics and the central bank is not independent. These are things we’re going to fix and in the coming days we will move ahead on them.”

Macri’s victory was captured on Snapchat.

Check out the full video below: