Maya Angelou on Celia Cruz

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I just finished reading Dr. Maya Angelou’s new book, Letter To My Daughter, a collection of life lessons from Angelou to the daughter she never had (she had one son). In the book she dedicates a chapter to the great Celia Cruz, who she says taught her everything she knows about going on stage.

“From her I learned to bring everything I had onto the stage with me. And now some forty-plus years later, without music and by simply reading, I am able to read poetry and satisfy my audiences. Much of  the presence I bring to my performance, I learned from Celia Cruz.”

Angelou says when Celia Cruz came to the United States and performed in a theater on Upper Broadway in NYC, she went to see every day of her stay.  It’s inspiring to learn that our very own Celia Cruz was such  an important role model to Angelou who is a  living literary legend. From one master to another. Very cool.