Meet Bunbury in Chicago and Los Angeles

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Enrique Bunbury is about to release a new album called Las Consecuencias, (out March 9th). According to the Latin rock god himself, this album is the darkest and most down tempo he has ever recorded.

Indeed, we’ve been blasting it in the Remezcla Headquarterz and we’ve fallen under a mysterious, acoustic, Bunburesque spell. We even started wearing aviator glasses indoors. The album includes the popular song “Frente a Frente,” a cover of that classic 1981 Jeannette song with Miren Iza,  from the Spanish band Tulsa.

And that’s not all Bunbury fans! He has announced a Las Consecuencias Tour 2010-11, traveling around the US later this Spring, during which he will film a documentary.

Yes, Enrique Bunbury is a busy man, but listen this: you have the opportunity to meet him in person! He will be signing albums that you mortals purchase at FYE stores in Los Angeles and Chicago next week:

Tuesday, March 9: FYE 195 Stonewood St, Downey (Los Angeles, CA)
Wednesday, March 10: FYE 7501 W Cermak Rd STE E17, North Riverside (Chicago, IL)

There you have it, send us your pics with Bunbury, Mr. Latin rock himself!!!

“Frente a Frente”, the new video from Las Consecuencias: