Meet GRL Collective, the Lifestyle Brand Here to Empower Women & Help Them Thrive

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez
Art by Alan Lopez
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Latine women make up the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States, and with that, they find a lot of opportunities to do good. That’s what GRL Collective, a Latina-owned business, does while selling cute and empowering merch for anyone looking to make a statement with their outfit.

GRL Collective is unapologetically pro-women and pro-Latina while packaging the message of equality in shirts, onesies, and jewelry that speak to the Latina experience. As the website reads, “GRL Collective is a Latina-founded lifestyle brand for grls that give a f*ck.”

Their current collection for Our Heritage Month includes pouches, shirts, earrings, and even art. Notable shirts include ones that say, “Mind Like Frida, Moves Like Selena,” “Your Struggle Is My Struggle/ Tu Lucha Es Mi Lucha,” and “AOC For Prez.” There are even kids tee versions that say, “Pinch of Friday, Dash of Selena.”

Kristine Rodríguez founded GRL Collective in 2017 by Kristine Rodríguez after testifying against her abuser in a public case. Ever since, Rodríguez has made sure to give back to women and girls around the world, starting with volunteering with Sambhali Trust, an organization that works for women and girls’ rights in India.

“When I was there, the girls just changed my life,” Rodríguez told ABC7 about her time with Sambhali Trust. “I wanted to figure out how to be able to give back to them and send money back to India regardless of where I was.”

Her commitment to the trust is unyielding with 20 percent of proceeds from the lifestyle brand going to the organization to help fund the education of girls across India.

Rodríguez has also made sure that her business is as ethical and sustainable as possible. All of the products sold are designed by them and they ensure that all products use eco-friendly packaging, the best materials, and follow closely with fair-trade practices so the people making the products are treated with dignity.

You can buy GRL Collective items online, in small boutiques, and in select Macy’s stores across the country.