Meet Ministerio de Energia: "La Musica Nos Transporta Donde Nada Importa" [ARG]

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Née: Jean-Jacques Peyronel, Francisco Alvarez, Ignacio Van Thienen, Javier Szyfer
Raíces: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sounds Like: Whatever the band tells you it sounds like
You should listen to Ministero de Energía because…you’ve always believed Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey could’ve been more fun.

The music scene in Buenos Aires probably consists of a few tight-knit groups. I say this because Guido Calzoni of Banda De Turistas recommended we give fellow Buenos Aires group Ministerio de Energía a try. We’re glad he did!

The group released its debut EP, El Mundo Today, last summer, compiling five songs of psychedelic synth-pop. The band does a great job of describing itself without our help in songs like “Caminar” (“La música nos transporta donde nada importa”) and “Cuando Es Real” (“Cuando es real la música suena sola con dejar que las cosas sucedan”). Think of them as Pink Floyd’s younger cousin who doesn’t take himself as seriously.

The EP is available as a free download on their Bandcamp page. Needless to say, you should snag it and revel in the greatness of it all!