Meet SuperPendejos: Ya Sta Qi, Euro-Latin Ñu Cumbia

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Née: David Miret & Al Lindurm
Raíces: Mexico, Germany, Denmark
Sounds like: Viking cumbia meets sonidera.
You should listen to SuperPendejos because… who can resist them with a name like that?

Pendejo. I love that word. It’s so phonetically strong, so full of meaning, and at the same time, so silly.

In its original conception pendejo simply meant pubic hair, and in some places it still does. But as we all know, words mutate and acquire different meanings in different places. In some places, like Mexico, it became a hardcore insult, like an extreme kind of idiot, something you don’t use to call another person to their face unless you’re ready to get in a fight. If you go to the extreme south of the continent, however, the same word down there means childish, or too young. Still in a disrespectful way, but not really too dirty, it’s ok to call your younger siblings pendejos, and some parents might even use it referring to their own kids, but in general it’s used like “stop being a pendejo” which simply means “stop acting so immature.”

What’s a SuperPendejo then? Is it a giant, thick, strong, pubic hair that will resist any shaving intent? Is it that drunk guy who’s acting like a douchebag hitting on your girlfriend behind your back? Or is it your cartoon-watching, video-game-playing roommate who doesn’t pick up after his own mess?

We don’t have the answer. We don’t know why a Mexican living in Germany and a Danish living in Spain would chose that name for their ñu-cumbia band. But you might be able to deduct its meaning by listening to their debut EP on Urban World Records (out on June 22nd).