Meet The Players of SIQ: The Southside Ignoramus Quartet

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Step Right up folks, step right up! The tent is this way and the Southside Ignoramus Quartet show is about to begin. According to SIQ founder David Pintor the improv comedy sketch act promises a unique theater experience. And by unique we mean it’s headquartered in Pintor’s backyard, smack dab in the middle of Pilsen. Pintor, an alum of Second City Conservatory, maintains performance art should be accessible to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic class,  “I grew up with backyard parties,” he said.


“If you want to attract somebody like my family, somebody like my friends, you tell them, ‘Hey I’m having a thing in my backyard’ right? And I think I just adapted that same ideology to theater.”


The fully enclosed tent seats 27 and is located at 1923 S. Morgan. We caught up with the current cast at rehearsal as they gear up for their next performance. Meet the players as they share in their own words, some thoughts on improv, performing in a tent, and performing for a Southside audience.






Full list of upcoming shows