Mega Lame

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Oops, where did that come from? There’s room in this city for yet another ill-crafted corporate radio station? Univision’s Mi Musica 106.7 fm now shares the stage of questionable Latino music (and marketing) with a new  station. As of last week Mega 95.5 fm was added to Chicago’s list of FM radio stations. Mega 95.5 FM, replaced Smooth Jazz WNUA after 22 years on the air. Sorry jazz fans for replacing your jams with Enrique Iglesias and Fanny Lu. Or like Clear Channel likes to put it, the classic jazz airwaves are now home to “Spanish hot adult contemporary.”

So their music is bad, but way to be insulting with their website. (And were not even talking about their top 20 songs that include Pitbull at #1, followed by Tito El bambino, and lastly Enrique). Spare their seexyyy marketing, with a Pechos – De quien Son? contest. Can you guess which sexy Latina is the owner of a certain set of breast? Way to connect with the Latino audience Clear Channel, but I think were going to have to pass on this one.

And, check out their promo video which  includes some sexy kissing scenes from artists you can expect to hear on their station.

Mega 95.5fm – Todos Los Exitos from Mega 95.5fm on Vimeo.