Menswear Spotlight: Meet Bolivares, NY via Latin America Knitwear for El Caballero Urbano

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Salud, Dinero, y Amor (Health, Money, and Love). That’s the slogan that Lucho A. Bolivar, the founder of New York based Bolivares, has coined for his menswear company, which currently specializes in crafting knitwear for el caballero urbano. ¬†Using wools primarily sourced from Peru and Colombia, in an effort to remain connected to the brand’s Latino roots, this menswear brand prides themselves on modernizing classic pieces through their careful attention to detail in the function, fit, and design of their garments. In addition to this, Bolivares apparel comes in a vast array of intriguing colors and prints, which help not only to reinforce the brand’s signature Latin American feel but also gives them an edge over other designers that may stick to the same color schemes season after season.

However that’s not the only way Bolivares sets themselves apart from the rest of contemporary menswear brands. The designer also distinguishes himself and his brand by choosing not to design Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections per se. Instead, Bolivar’s approach to developing his collections is to offer his consumers smaller capsule collections throughout the year. By doing so, Bolivar feels he can more efficiently cater to the needs of his costumer while also being able to release newer styles more frequently than his competitors.

In reality, Bolivares progressive approach to its brand encompasses not only its sartorial endeavors but also the development of their aesthetic, online content, inspirations/muses, and most importantly, their clientele. The company eventually hopes to develop a complete menswear collection that extends beyond just knits.

Recently, Bolivares has been collaborating with some of fashion’s most cutting-edge companies including Hypebeast. In fact, The two companies have joined forces to offer a sweet giveaway of $1000 towards the purchase of anything on Bolivares online store. For more information about how to enter, click here.