This Woman Got Caught With Two Meth Burritos at the Border

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With Customs and Border Patrol claiming they seize 10,327 pounds of drugs on a typical day, smugglers know that to get something past them, they have to put in work. Recently, Susy Janelly Laborin, 25, from Arizona allegedly tried to use two burritos to smuggle more than a pound of meth across the U.S.-Mexico border in Nogales, Arizona. According to the CBP, a narcotics-detection canine found the meth, which is worth at least $3,000.

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CBP stopped the woman, who tried to cross the Nogales-Morley pedestrian gate on foot, when officers became suspicious of her lunch bag. When they searched the bag, they found that meth-filled burritos hid among real ones, CBP Assistant Port Director Joe Agosttini told the Daily Mail Online. Officials claimed that she admitted to carrying the drugs in exchange for $500.

Agosttini added that this isn’t the first time a tortilla has been complicit in a drug-smuggling crime.