This 10-Year-Old Boy Went Viral for Saving a Tub Full of Chickens & Dogs From Flooded Streets in Mexico

Lead Photo: Photo by Busybee-CR / Moment
Photo by Busybee-CR / Moment
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In the midst of natural disasters, animals are sometimes left behind to fend for themselves. But one boy from Mexico is going viral for taking time to help animals.

In the wake of Hurricane Willa, flooding and destruction has affected more than 150,000 people in Nayarit, Mexico. As people try to find normalcy in the face of tragedy, the story of 10-year-old Jostyn Dilan Cabrera Ramírez has captured the hearts of many. In images that have circulated online, the young boy is seen protecting chickens and dogs through flooded streets.

Ante la tempestad Jostyn Dilan Cabrera Ramírez del la comunidad de Ruiz Nayarit , inundada por el huracán willa. …

Posted by TRAC Sinaloa on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Jostyn didn’t hesitate to save the animals – who belong to his neighbors. Equipped with a large plastic tub, Jostyn saved about six dogs. According to Sopitas, he has a disability that affects the way he walks.

After he went viral for his heroic act, TRAC Sinaloa was so moved that it tracked him down to donate food for the animals. It also dedicated a Facebook post to Jostyn and said that he’s a “clear example of what empathy looks like.”