“This Is My Country, Too”: Latina Confronts Man Who Harassed Her for Speaking Spanish

Lead Photo: Photo by Douglas Sacha / Moment
Photo by Douglas Sacha / Moment
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Speaking Spanish across the United States can subject you to offensive and racist comments. Unfortunately, there are some who mistreat others for speaking Spanish or any other language that isn’t English. Dulce Nereyda and her mother were recently on the receiving end of some vitriolic comments after an unnamed bearded man started yelling at them for speaking Spanish.

While Dulce, who is Mexican-American, didn’t record the entire encounter, she did post about it on Facebook, where she explained that she and her mom were just at an Arizona Walmart to shop for baby shower presents.

“This ⬇️ man starts yelling, ‘I can’t wait until Trump does away with you all!’ I was like, ‘Excuse me.’ He yelled ‘Leave, just leave. YOU DON’T BELONG HERE!’ All because I was speaking Spanish to my mom,” she wrote on Facebook.

The encounter took her by surprise, but Dulce felt like she shouldn’t stay quiet after seeing the fear in her daughter’s face. So with her phone recording, she approached him.

“So do you want to tell me to get out again?” she said while she aimed the camera at the man. “Because this is my country, too.”

At first, the man ignored her, but eventually, he reiterated his bigoted views and his support for President Donald Trump and the border wall.

“This is my country, whether you like it or not,” she responded. “And English is not the language of this country.”

So it really F*** happened 🤯😡!!! As my Beautiful mommi, JORDAN, and I are shopping for Beto Ramos baby shower tomorrow at Walmart on Huntington. This ⬇️ man starts yelling " I can't wait until Trump does away with you all!" I was like excuse me. He yelled "Leave just leave YOU DON'T BELONG HERE!" All because I was speaking Spanish to my mom. I was so caught off guard that I didn't even know what to do. I always thought what would I ever do if that happened to me or my mom and it did. I felt scared at first and then I saw the look on my baby girls face 😢😢😡. So if you know me I couldn't just leave it like that. I WANT TO EXPOSE THIS MAN FOR THE RACIST HE IS! And I assured my little Queen that this is her home and WE DO BELONG HERE🇲🇽🇺🇲!!!

Posted by Dulce Nereyda on Friday, March 15, 2019

The United States does not have an official language, and Spanish has been spoken in the country (before it was the United States) longer than English.

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