What Are Thoooose: This Mexican Sneakerhead Makes Uncannily Realistic Kicks Out of Wood

Lead Photo: Zoomin.TV Latinoamérica
Zoomin.TV Latinoamérica
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In Tepito, Mexico, Arnold Espadas is proving that he is the ultimate sneakerhead. Espadas creates shockingly real-looking sneakers – shoelaces included – out of blocks of wood. His designs are so impressive that he even wowed Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, aka the guy who has created many Air Jordans. Even the grooves on the soles of the shoes are replicated in wood.

“When I finish one of my pieces, other than feeling at peace, I also feel happy that I accomplished what I set out to do, that I met my goal,” he said. “Whatever comes after that is just extra.” The entire video is amazing, because wood shoes should not look like that, but there is no information on how he started. Watch it above and prepare to be in awe.

[H/T Pocho]