Mexican Astrophysicist Leticia Corral Credited for Correcting Stephen Hawking’s Theory

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Mexican astrophysicist Leticia Corral has been awarded after her career-defining discovery about the universe’s origins, which just so happens to go against esteemed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. “I believe that the universe is cyclical, that everything started from one point and that it returns to that,” she said, according to Deconstrucción.

Stephen’s mistake, apparently, was that he forgot to take into account asymmetry when defining time, which means nothing to me but was why she was recognized by the International Association of Engineers. Her work makes it possible to find out if we are in the expansion cycle or closer to the Big Crunch.

Dr. Corral became passionate about math when she was 37, but at one point, she thought about becoming a chemist.

If you want to learn more about her impressive work, you can check it out here.