Your Guide to Mexican Independence Day: Lo Más Chingón de Las Fiestas Patrias

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On September 16, 1810 Father Miguel Hidalgo from Dolores, Mexico along with several conspirators – including Iganacio Allende and Doña Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez- rang the bell of his little church, calling everyone to rise up against the Spanish and cast off the 300 years of mostly devastating colonial rule (deadly epidemics that demolished the indigenous population, strict racial stratification, economic exploitation, etc.) This was the beginning of the Mexican Independence War, which lasted 10 years, and was pretty much a total downer. However! The end result – Mexican Independence – not only paved the way for Mexico’s self-determination, it also paved the way for an annual reventón of epic proportions. So it’s really the gift that keeps on giving. Here at Remezcla we want you to celebrate Mexican Independence in true Mexican style – con una corrida de juerga – so we’ve put together a guide for where to Eat/Drink/Party/Scream/Then Drunkenly Eat Some More in your city. ¡Qué viva México, carajo!



Charros and Cholas of Chicago, Mexican independence week kicks off our Fall season of anti-colonizing experiences… too dramatic? A bit, but the hype level of the week ahead in honor of the Paisa liberation merits it all. Join El Grito downtown, new literature by Junot Diaz, workshops with accordions and tons of drama on stage at our local museums. Tequila not mandatory but always encouraged. This is a great week to justify eating at all the Comales locations across the city and screaming out loud at the office with the excuse you are simply practicing your Grito for the 15th at midnight.

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Curated by: Adriana Gallardo

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