Mexican Official Allegedly Asked Women to Send Nude Pics for Job Consideration

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José Luis Flores Balcázar, the Ecapetec mayor’s right-hand man, has been called out for trying to get women to trade nude (or near nude) photos in exchange for jobs. Flores was offering jobs in municipal administration to women, but in a Facebook message, he allegedly asked one woman to send back images.

“I need to see you in your underwear or nude because I need to be sure that you don’t have any tattoos nor c-section scars or something like that,” he reportedly said, according to Aristegui. On top of asking for the pics, he said he was looking for three women who would join him at “events, meetings, dinners, trips, etc,” and he sent his own nude pics along.

The Ecatepec government has denied the reports, stating that Flores did not ask women for the images, and that it’s not even his Facebook account. Uno TV reports that the government claims the images have been doctored and are from May 2015 – meaning that who ever took them snapped them before the June 7 election. Ooook, then.

So, good start to 2016 for the Partido Revolucionario Institucional…