Mexican Viners to Follow: Juan Pablo Zurita

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The first time I told a friend “Check out this crazy app Vine, I think it’s going to change everything,” he told me the system was complicated and it probably would never go anywhere. Two years later, Vine is all over México and is now a breeding ground for new talents, driving the masses crazy with daily six-second videos. At a recent gig, I witnessed firsthand how Viners get more screams and applause than the hottest actors on Televisa. In this new series, we’ll be featuring the Mexican viners you should know about (if you don’t already — many of them have thousands of fans and millions of loops). They’re the new young celebrities of Mexico. First up:


Who: Juan Pablo Zurita is 17 years old, and according to the “About” section on his Facebook page he “Me gusta ponerme la playera al rededor de la Cabeza.”

Why You Should Follow Him: He’s the king of making faces and dumb, slapstick humor. Maybe the funniest thing about this Viner is that he doesn’t limit himself to tired joke formats — instead, he’s interested in creating more innovative vines filled with insights that don’t just appeal to high schoolers, but also include comedic situations that affect moms, grown men, and even beach-goers. We assure you that if his Vine account doesn’t make you laugh, at the very least the face he makes will.

Our Favorite Vines: