Mexico City faces zombie apocalypse, tries to break world record

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Just a little bit late for Halloween and probably not in keeping with the spirit of the Day of the Dead, nearly ten-thousand people converged on Mexico City last week to bring about the end of the world by zombie infestation.

Okay, not really. A young Mexican fellow by the name of Pablo Guisa decided to organize the world’s largest “zombie walk,” wherein participants outfit themselves like rotting, reanimated corpses and traipse in a massive, terrifying crowd through the streets. Chances are your city’s seen events of this type, too, though probably not as large – it was announced that 9,860 participants would zombify themselves for the occasion in an attempt to break the current world record, currently held by Asbury Park, New Jersey, with 4,093 participants around Halloween of last year. As the population of Asbury Park is around 16,000, this would normally be very impressive, except that a disproportionate number of New Jersey residents are already zombies anyway.

Check out the Huffington Post for an awesome photo gallery of the event.

Source: Huffington Post Latino Voices