As Violent Protests Erupt Across Mexico In Response to Peña-Nieto Inauguration, Monterrey Woman Issues Own "Protest" By Stripping On Commuter Rail

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

Many news outlets have been reporting on the violence that broke out in Mexico City on Saturday as protesters took to the streets to oppose the inauguration of incoming president Enrique Pena Nieto and the return of his Institutional Revolutionary Party (abbreviated as PRI en español). In the days that followed, videos of the protests have gone viral on the internet, illustrating the intense emotions of many who perceive the election as a return to the past, when the PRI ruled with a near-iron fist for 71 years using a mix of populist handouts and rigged elections. In particular, young people across Mexico have been the face of these protests – the #YoSoy132 Student Movement has been prominent amongst opposition to Peña Nieto since last July when the election outcomes were announced.

Perhaps encouraged by the political participation of her peers, Monterrey stripper Bella Luna decided to make her own tone-deaf voice heard. While many young activists were risking their safety to express their concerns over the PRI, the “Chocolate Men’s Club” dancer conducted a questionable protest of her own: stripping down to her underwear and grinding on hapless commuters. Allegedly, this stunt was performed to highlight the lack of security on the city’s transport network – one of her numerous Facebook status updates regarding the incident reads “MIL VECES PREFIERO VER CHICHES EN EL METRO QUE VER COMO ROBAN CARTERAS Y COMO MADREAN A LA GENTE.”

Nudity-as-political-protest is nothing new. In fact, just a week ago a group of naked AIDS activists occupied John Boehner’s office to protest spending cuts in HIV protests. But a quick look at the rest of Luna Bella’s Facebook page – with status updates like “Y que mi hermana me cacha con el consolador… en media hora les enseño el video ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja” – pretty much takes the air out of any claims that this strip tease was politically motivated.

Ol’ girl was clearly just trying to get some Facebook likes. And it looks like it’s working – she’s already gotten 114,000 new fans since uploading a video of the stunt. Sigh.

Watch it out below at your own risk, but be warned: very NSFW.

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