Moments After Devastating Earthquake, Mexicans Rush to the Streets to Help Victims

Lead Photo: Photo by AWSeebaran/ iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by AWSeebaran/ iStock / Getty Images Plus
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An earthquake of 7.1 magnitude struck Mexico today. With the epicenter east of the state of Puebla, cities like Chiautla de Tapia are feeling the devastating affects more severely. The tremor comes in the same month as a September 8 magnitude 8.2 earthquake and Category 1 hurricane. With buildings collapsing, roads splitting, and the death toll quickly rising, Mexicans have sprung into action to help their neighbors, friends, and strangers trapped under the rubble.

As they deal with their own grief, they’ve also come to the rescue of others. Check out a few videos and photos below:

Guillermo del Toro who lives in the United States even offered to help spread messages through his Twitter account.