Miami Has Officially Declared October 1 Croqueta Day

Lead Photo: Photo by Pink-Orange-Photography / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by Pink-Orange-Photography / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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If you’ve had croquetas – cylindrical deep fried goodness made of papa, jamón, and other ingredients – then you know they’re amazing when sandwiched between two pieces of Cuban bread for breakfast or alone at any time of the day. In Miami, they are quite ubiquitous because they’re so sought out. So perhaps it’s not surprising that Miami has officially declared its love for the treat by making October 1 Croqueta Day.

The city made the day official in honor of Sergio’s Coral Way serving its 20 millionth croqueta. In a city of Miami proclamation, which Mayor Francis Suarez signed on Sept. 25, it explains the foods place in Miami history, according to “Whereas croquetas are a staple of Cuban cuisine that is enjoyed by residents and tourists of the city of Miami on a daily basis…”

As a result of this joyous occasion, Sergio’s Coral Way will serve up croquetas and cafecitos from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Croquetas are free until 7 p.m. Learn more here.