Miguel Bose, Mala Rodríguez, Concha Buika Show Canceled? Why???

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UPDATE: The excuse of choice is visa trouble. Here’s the statement provided.

Unfortunately due to certain difficulties regarding the reception of the visas required in order to travel to the USA, the LIVE FROM NEW YORK concert scheduled on February 18th has been cancelled.

At the moment, the producers are looking into the possibility of rescheduling the show in the future, but for now they sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this change may cause to all the institutions, companies and invited guests involved in the project. All tickets are also completely refundable through Ticketmaster. Thank you for your understanding.

Curses! A pox on you, Hammerstein Ballroom! The highly anticipated, highly touted, highly fantasized-about Miguel Bose concert, also featuring Spanish femcee Mala Rodríguez and singer Concha Buika, has been inexplicably canceled. Remezcla posted the event back in December. Remezcla has been passionately preparing for this show. Remezcla has been pining away to old Bose pictures and recordings, giggling like a school girl, doodling Remezcla + Miguel Bose 4 Evah! And now, Remezcla is sad. Left stranded at the altar. Why Bose, why???

No details yet as to why, but we’ll keep you posted. Excuse us, we have something caught in our eye.