Miguel on Oscar Performance: Being of Mexican Descent, This Is Incredibly Meaningful to Me

Lead Photo: Photo by Timothy Saccenti. Courtesy of Biz 3
Photo by Timothy Saccenti. Courtesy of Biz 3
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Like many of us, Miguel cried after watching Pixar’s Coco. “Oh my goodness. It made me cry for like two hours afterwards,” the Blaxican singer said on the red carpet ahead of the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday. “It’s so emotional.” At this year’s ceremony, Miguel – who sang a version of “Remember Me” with Natalia Lafourcade for the film – will perform one of the movie’s most emotional songs on Hollywood’s biggest night. When he does, it’ll be an incredibly special moment for Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, including Miguel.

“For a movie like this, knowing that it’s representing the Latin population, and being of Mexican descent, it’s incredibly meaningful, man,” he said. “So yes, I do know how much it means and I want to represent for all the Latinos out there. I really, really do. I’m honored. I’m honored… It’s a beautiful number, and I couldn’t think of any better reason to be here at the Oscars or any better song. I’m just happy that Pixar was welcoming me to sing the song and we’re here now.”