More cool stuff to check out at Art|Basel: Eleazar Delgado, Trek 6 and The Co11ective, Complejo

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If you subscribe to our Miami newsletter, you know that this week’s edition was a big ol’ guide to the event of all Miami events, Art|Motherfucking|Basel. We face an interesting problem, however: there was just too much awesome happening over the weekend to fit it all in. (That’s what she said.) Sure, there’s a Neon Indian concert, but there’s four whole days – you have time to get to it all.

First, we want to give another shout out to friend of the site Tony Peralta, who’s bringing his New York exhibit, Complejo, all the way down to Miami for the festivities. The exhibit, which was showcased at the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance in the heavily Dominican neighborhood Washington Heights, examines the complex relationship of Dominicans in New York and elsewhere to race and history. Peralta, whose Peralta Project t-shirts and posters have taken a firm hold in Uptown Manhattan, brings his personal design style to this collection, which not only features prints and paintings but also a few installation style pieces.

Check out the interview we did with him a few months ago before the New York opening.

We’re told that Peralta and a few of his associates are looking to put together a documentary about the experience of bringing this seemingly very New York project to a completely different city with a completely different cultural context. We’re looking forward to hearing more.

Eleazar Delgadoa Miami based artist/architect born in Oklahoma and raised in Caracas, will be showcasing his new exhibit, Behind the Lights, at the Eleazar Delgado Studio this weekend. That’s right: you know you’ve done well for yourself as an artist when you have your own gallery and you name it after yourself. And it’s well deserved: Delgado left architecture and interior design behind to explore “epic painting.” Metropolis is indeed epic, a collection of large (they are all over five feet tall, some over six) mixed media works inspired by Miami itself, its history and its future.

The Co11ective, “an Art Basel satellite event featuring eleven veteran bi-cultural artists who’s works range in style, from photography to street art,” launches this weekend at the Kohn Compound, featuring a host of DJS and a wide ranging compendium of local Miami artists, including Remezcla featured muralist Trek 6 (pictured above, in the process of creation), alongside Lizzie Easton, Lauren Webb Harris, Celso Art, Rimx, Larregui, SK545, Osunlade, La Pandilla, Bik Ismo, Shaun Thurston with Special Exhibits by Infamous Magazine, Red Bull Through My Eyes, HVW8, and Carlos “Mare139″ Rodriguez. Over the course of the weekend there will also be a host of special appearances from performers and musicians. Check out out the event listing for the full rundown.


Art|Basel weekend is primed to be amazing, and there’s almost too much to do. What are you choosing to check out? Leave your Art|Basel experiences in the comment secion.