More Than Just Vintage

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Nostra Style House is Phoenix’s destination for fashion forward women. They offer clothing and accessories from progressive independent designers and specializes in statement pieces. Stocking new clothing and select vintage items, Nostra Style House caters to lovers of style and fearless fashion.

But who and what inspired this little downtown gem?

I sat down with owner, Angelica Gonzalez to talk business, fashion and why you should always dress up, no matter the occasion.

Because, as Angelica puts it, “Be fancy, shit. It’s fun!”

Angelica’s passion for bold garments, started with the idea of helping others dress themselves. “The idea was to become a stylist. The risk of making a business out of it was never the plan but it was a ‘moment’ that slowly came together by its self.”

With the help of great friends and a supportive family Nostra Style House opened in December of 2011.

Is it hard being a business owner?
I wasn’t exactly prepared, but I did it. I was under the impression that it was something different. It’s hard and TIME consuming, but a good business partner and a good team really does make a difference.

It’s constantly on my mind, it’s not as glamorous as it seems, but its something I love.

Tell me about your style, and how it influences your store?
My style is fashion forward, and it influences the store to make my customers try different things. I’ve learned that’s not all about what I like but what the customers are into and can afford. I try to buy pieces that are appreciated and not so trendy. I don’t want everyone to look the same! We should make clothes our own, because it’s about self expression

What kind of pieces do you carry?
More upscale dressy pieces. They definitely have the risky bold statement in them. But it’s different and sure to stand out. So it’s worth the extra dollars.

What can we look forward from Nostra Style House?
This year we are excited to start making our own clothes, which will be a clean classic, Modern look. Everything from handmade pieces to vintage fabric stitching. We are also always open to house designers from near and far, and are proud to house several local jewelry designers and clothing designers. We are constantly looking to collaborate with up-and-coming local fashion entrepreneurs for events and retail opportunities.

Is Phoenix a collaborative city for Fashion?
Yes, there are a lot of things going on here. Different lines that have come up in the last couple years. But there definitely needs to be more happening in the business of manufacturing locally. We have to take more risk in creating our own lines, so more people will stay here and inspire others to not leave. The opportunity is here.

Do you see more Latin@s in Fashion, now?
I think I see more Latino influence. I definitely see the patterns and colors used in trendy pieces to high fashion. I even see the “Frida look” in full on collections. I’m happy to see that its being recognized and appreciated.

So if you haven’t yet popped into Nostra Style House on Rooosevelt Row District, make sure to check them out every Tuesday from 11am – Saturday 7pm. The warm and colorful kindness that staff welcomes you with, is only one you can get from the Nostra girls.

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Now go shop!

NOSTRA STYLE HOUSE is located at 610 East Roosevelt Street Phoenix Arizona 85004