Morsels, Movement and Media

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OutMigration, A Feast in Seven Acts, is a delectable celebration of the senses which unites movement, media, and culinary arts in order to provide its audience with a truly unique and multi-faceted experience. The event took place between the dates of June 28-July 1st at Monkey Town, an equally distinct restaurant and performance space located just off the hipster chic strip of Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg.

OutMigration was created and conceived by Accidental Movement (dancer/choreographer Mariangela Lopez) and Mogollón (artists/filmmakers Monica Brand and Francisco Lopez) in conjunction with chef, Ryan Jaronik, who compiled a 12- course tasting menu. The choreography, video and musical selection, and dishes served were the vehicles through which the audience was able journey collectively─ starting from the depths of the earth, migrating upwards and culminating in space.

Our “initiation” began when we were directed to rise from our seats and hold out our hands, awaiting the first culinary treat. Mango Ravioli was gently placed in our hungry palms and as we consumed this tasty morsel, a performer was transformed from an ordinary woman into a space age beauty. Our OutMigration had begun.

Throughout the journey, movements ranged from graceful and elegant to spastic and exuberant, all skillfully linked to the particular element being represented. Water was represented with a Nori Tuna appetizer, and the performers glided delicately across the mirrored floor; gaining inspiration from the tranquil music. Our eyes, ears, and palettes were constantly engaged. It even seemed like our utensil use was part of the choreography. For example, during the set through which we explored the mountain, we indulged in a Pork Mushroom Tea Black Bean dish. The clinking of our spoons against the bowl echoed the bells playing in the background in an almost perfect coincidence. The performance concluded with an airy Lime Lychee tea, marking our arrival at the periphery of space. The dancers watched the audience indulge with much delight as they pranced in white tulle gowns.

These words can only offer a glimpse into the occurrence that was OutMigration. If you keep your minds open and palettes prepared, you may be able to experience it firsthand for the vegetarian version planned for the Fall.