Last Minute Gifts For Mom From The Pharmacy

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Mothers day is upon us! Hopefully you have a big hurrah ready for your mom with booze and her favorite foods, or if you are like me you have been too busy to plan something (just forgot.. again). We are here to help, there is no need to visit mom empty handed this mothers day as long as there is a pharmacy on the way. Thinking about all our busy readers we made a list of our picks for best -last minute- mothers day gifts from your neighborhood pharmacy. Problems? we solve them.

Pajama Jeans

Because mothers day is all about letting mom relax and remind her that your birth wasn’t ALL a big mistake. Keep her comfy all day and night and possibly forever in this glorious advancement of fashion, with Dormisoft? Technology and european styling tu madre might never need to go shopping again. These beauties will make you $39.99 poorer but rich in hugs and kisses.

Salon Express Nail Art Stamping Kit

With the latin mom in mind this nail art stamping kit will make yours the most sparkling mamasita in the whole barrio. Saving time and money is the name of the game and if you pair this kit ($9.99) with some pajama jeans and a bottle of wine you will get first place!

Ferrero Rondnoir Fine Dark Chocolates

I’ve heard your mom loves munching on chocolate balls, but who doesn’t! If you don’t like Ferrero balls you have to be NUTS… All females like chocolate, in our office we use M&M’s as currency  and the office will be set on fire if the ladies don’t get their fix by 4 pm, I break a kit kat to get attention. You cant go wrong with a box of chocolates and them balls are super fine. $4.99

Ladies Micro Fleece Bath Robe

Make your mom feel like a queen in this fluffy pink bath robe, this item is super useful for her daily routine and might be necessary to get her to wear something other than pajama jeans. $14.99 at Duane Reade.

Big Top Cupcake Silicone Bakeware

If your mom likes baking and cooking this gift will get a giggle out of her because its a GIANT CUPCAKE! ($19.99) The added bonus is receiving giant cupcakes for all your birthdays. But since mothers day is basically “don’t annoy mom day” you might want to bake the cupcake yourself and give her that.

SAS Group Be Dazzler Kit

You know you want it! The possibilities are endless! I bet your mom would love a be-dazzled shirt or bra (selena style) or just hand it over to her and let her be-dazzle the shizzle out of those pajama jeans. Let your mom sparkle a little this mothers day for only $19.99

J.R. Watkins Natural Apothecary Head to Toe Kit

“From a bluff high above the Mississippi River in Winona, Minnesota comes the purity of Watkins” I have not a clue what apothecary means, sounds fancy and its already in a box! Keep that mother clean $13.99

Prayer Candles

Walgreens is my favorite hands down, where else can I get giant bottles of bubble soap, halloween candy in may and prayer candles! They have a sweet deal on these babies -3 for $5.00- so think about what saints can help your mom out and head on down to paredes verdes.

DXG HD Digital Camcorder – Leopard Print

Let your mom record all her safari fantasies in HD with this leopard print camcorder. Just don’t EVER touch that thing again, gross. But in all seriousness this funky little camcorder will be perfect for mom to record family events, trips and travels. The print will match her purse and even whole outfit if she’s feeling frisky. $159.99

Wahl Body Massager with Heat Therapy

Definitely the most normal gift in the list, this little massager will let your mom relax and drink her bloody mary in peace. This thing comes with 9 different  attachments and I bet you can tape a whisk to it and use it as a blender (mention that to her). $29.99