MTV's Washington Heights: Episode 6 Recap

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Hello again my fellow Washington Heights enthusiasts! Did y’all see the lust and debauchery in last night’s episode of Washington Heights? yeah, me neither. But what we did see, is the love and camaraderie amongst the Wash Heights crew.


For episode 6 of Washington Heights we see the Return of the Jedi… no, not really, but we do see the return of the show’s baseball future MVP, Jimmy. Jimmy has been kicked out of his grandma’s home (for personal reasons) and finds himself, for lack of a better term, in the real world. (no pun intended MTV) However, the transition into adulthood doesn’t fare well when all he can find is a dreadful job, (aka baking in the sun like a rotisserie chicken) passing out flyers. When his new job cuts into his practice time for the Mid-Atlantic Region Tournament, he is benched faster than A-Rod on a bad day.

*Sidenote: What is up with Jimmy’s coach? Does the man suffer from narcolepsy or is the man still heartbroken over Pete Rose’s career? “A rose is a rose is a rose…”


Just like any good country song would indicate, Eliza (Jimmy’s girlfriend) does her best to stand by her man. She realizes that Jimmy is in quite the financial pickle and therefore offers to help him out financially. Now, this is all cute for the time being, but once she realizes what this really spells out: I am now playing the role of mommy – will this relationship stand the test of time or will Jimmy not only be benched, but traded as well? hmm…

Also, girlfriend needs to help Jimmy find a better cell phone provider – I mean, what is this 2006? Shell phones are definitely a deal breaker, I’m just saying.


Ah, the lovebirds are at it again – Ludwin and Frankie are still pussyfooting with the idea of a serious relationship; but can I just say, for a church loving girl, Frankie sure got skills. See pic below:


Ludwin, Ludwin, Ludwin – the boy has tasted freedom and is now running free like Emile Hirsch from the movie Into the Wild. By the way, what is up that funky beard? Sometimes he pulls it off nicely but most of the time, it just looks like a big NO MA’AM!

And with regard to Frankie, that’s another big no ma’am! Frankie does play it coy (kudos to you, girl) but we all know how she really feels for El Tigueraso… whimper, sniff, tissue… all in that order.

Ludwin has now gone from Ross Geller (Friends) to Mr. Big (Sex and the City) practically over night – but could he still be harboring feelings for his ex-girlfriend? At a some random BBQ, Diana (Ludwin’s ex-girlfriend) makes a surprise appearance – and apparently somebody gave her a B12 shot ’cause girl finally cracked a smile – 6 episodes in, DAMN!

Could Diana be showing Ludwin what he’s missing, or did she finally find someone else to make her smile that big? (500 Days of Summer comes to mind).


Not since the days of James Taylor and Carole King have we seen such camaraderie amongst peers. Reyna, still living in a honeymoon bubble, is more than tickled pink to be shacking up with boyfriend Danny. And although her relationship is moving at a steady pace, her musical endeavors takes a backseat. Hesitant, she stalls on recoding vocals for Audubon’s new track. He insists that she has an enormous amount of talent but what’s holding her back is her self-doubt. He encourages her to sit down with the material and by the end of the episode, we see our little songbird take flight.

So, now that Reyna is building up her confidence, will she take on a more proactive role with her career? Will Danny soon overcome his financial situation? Will Eliza get sick of always footing the bill? Will we see Ludwin become self-indulgent and dare I say, double dip? Will Rico’s six-pack make another sweet appearance?

Stay tuned…

P.S. Shout-out to the talented and New York-based artist PESU for making his artwork known on last night’s episode of Washington Heights, you go boy! For more info on his artwork, please visit:

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