Mugger Gets His Ass Handed to Him by MMA Fighter Monique Bastos

One Brazilian man learned the hard way that you should think twice before assuming women are easy targets for mugging. In his case, the woman – MMA fighter Monique Bastos – became his daddy. Wesley Sousa de Araujo and another man tried to attack two women. When he met Bastos eye to eye, it was already a wrap. Bastos, a jiu-jitsu blue belt, put him in a chokehold, and Sousa de Araujo ends up crying for his dad. This went on for 20 minutes.

He had an accomplice, and the two cornered Bastos and another woman, demanding to have their cell phones. “One of the guys grabbed the mobile phone I was carrying,” she said, according to the Telegraph. “I could see that they were not armed so I knocked their motorbike down. I wasn’t afraid. I knew I could immobilize them.” One guy was able to run away while the other one yelled that this was the first time he tried to mug someone. At the police station, he tried to deny that the incident was a robbery attempt.