Mexico’s Attorney General Shuts Down Ayotzinapa Press Conference Because He’s Tired, Sparking Worldwide Trending Topic

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Mexican Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam announced in a press conference today that the burnt remains of Iguala’s 43 missing students may have been found in garbage bags that were thrown into a river in the Southern state of Guerrero. The detailed and graphic press conference included footage of the charred remains, as well as video-taped confessions from three alleged gang members, who claim they killed and burned the students after police handed them over.

Many key details, however, remain unclear. Murillo Karam said it will be very difficult to extract DNA to confirm identities, given that the remains were incinerated for 14 hours. His statement was met with probing questions from the assembled press – “¿Por que creerles a estos personajes?,” one asked – but they were abruptly cut off after Murillo snidely remarked “Ya me cansé,” and shut the conference down.

His remark was soon coopted by Twitter, as the #yamecansé hashtag became a world-wide trending topic where Mexicans all over the world expressed their disgust not only at Murillo Karam’s attitude, but at the ongoing state and criminal violence that has gripped the country over the last eight years. A few highlights below: