WATCH: Murph’s Life Foundation Helps Latin American Families & Changes Lives

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At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the founder of Murph’s Life Foundation Aaron Murphy started a life-changing organization for South American families. And it all began because donations started flooding in after he shared a story about how he was trapped in a border town in Ecuador and gave his last $200 to a family in need.

According to Murph’s Life Foundation, the nonprofit organization “provides aid and resources to those who need it most in developing economies by strategically identifying and helping impoverished families and communities with the goal of empowering them to become self-sufficient.” 

And just recently, another family was blessed by the online donations received by the nonprofit with a new home, car, and a sustainable means for the family to not just survive but thrive on their own after the organization is done helping them. And let us tell you, the feelings these stories gave us…they’re real.

In a video posted by the charity organization, volunteers built a new home for a family in El Salvador. Their story hits hard because after the mother’s disabled child was born, her husband abandoned them, leaving the single parent with a huge weight on her shoulders and a life she would not abandon.

Donations of more than $50,000 were raised for the family through TikTok and Instagram via Murph’s Life Foundation.

The family was also given new furniture, appliances, and a laptop for a family member to continue his studies. The foundation also provided them with goods and licenses, so they could start their own small grocery store, continuing with the nonprofit’s mission of sustainability. “This is what this work’s really about, giving families sustainable income,” the founder posted on TikTok along with the video.


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“I truly thank you because God has sent a big blessing through you,” one of the sons says in the reveal video where the entire family is shown the results of the hard work these volunteers put in. “In everything you’ve done here and to everyone who’s contributed to this great blessing, I thank you.”

To see learn more about Murph’s Life Foundation, or see more lives being changed, check out their TikTok and Instagram.