Must See Clip: All Americana!

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This important piece of film about the injustices faced by a soon-to-be UCLA student who can’t get financial aid because of her undocumented status is the first of a two-part project written and directed by Movement Vision Lab film fellow Stephen Dypiangco.

The film centers on Boyle Heights resident Martha, whose surprise party in honor of her acceptance to UCLA is ruined with a letter from the government denying financial assistance for her to attend school. Be sure to sign the pledge for  Build America Together,  an organization working towards real solutions to our broken immigration system, including a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, family unity, worker protections, and strengthened human rights and civil liberties for all Americans.

America needs real solutions! It’s time we say NO to the politics of division and YES to bringing America together. So sign the pledge today.

Stay tuned for part two.