My favorite gifts from CafePress' Anti-Mexican Store

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Cafe Press is the internet’s premiere place to upload poorly made designs and have them cheaply printed on t-shirts, mousepads, bumper stickers, and more to be ordered by anyone you want. Like most sites, Cafe Press can organize things by tags for the shitty t-shirt buyer on the go. Enter Cafe Press’ Anti-Mexican Store, the quick and easy solution for the racist on the go.

There are nine pages worth of cheap, racist bullshit to sift through. Naturally, I sat here and went through to find my favorites! Share with your friends!

Cafe Press is not, itself, responsible for the designs, but it is negligent to allow racist categories to exist on its site.

Special thanks to Latino Rebels for bringing this to my attention, and to Text Mex for finding it.

UPDATE: Sooooooo, as we reported, CafePress removed their “Anti-Mexican” store, though they briefly replaced it with an “Anti=Mexican” store, which is both a really poor attempt to cover things up as well as semantically kind of amusing. (“Anti equals Mexican?”)

Our buddies at Latino Rebels also sought to raise awareness and mobilize, as did a few of other blogs, so, although if you only read some of the Facebook comments we got you’d think we were giving away Anti-Mexican CafePress coupons in the article, this is an amazing example of the internet affecting positive change. Hooray, Internet!

Speaking of Latino Rebels, they reached out to CafePress, who responded by saying (basically), “It’s not our fault! We promote free speech!” Latino Rebels thanked them for their response and asked the following questions:

  1. Do the current products listed on your “Anti-Mexican Gifts” section constitute a policy violation of your content policy?
  2. As for the Home Depot logo parodies, does this also fall under a policy violation?
  3. What about the Nazi symbol on the Arizona tee shirt that is listed on your site?
  4. Will you be revising or changing the title of the “Anti-Mexican Gifts” section? We ask because that head is not a user-generated section, but falls under your website.

Naturally, no real answer to the matter except to refer them to the policies page. So…yay? You can read the Rebels’ account of their interaction with CafePress here.